Welcome to the Maharani Energy Gateway one-stop energy centre, where we provide a solid infrastructure, a Free Industrial Zone, a Free Commercial Zone and timely business opportunities to a wide range of energy and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) firms. Our dedication to quality extends to both the pre-development and post-development stages, as our subsidiary companies offer complementary supply and trade logistics services.


We are developing a one-stop energy hub that will provide a robust infrastructure and timely business opportunities for a broad range of energy and EPC companies. Our subsidiary companies offer complementary supply and trading logistics services at both the pre and post-development stages. Additionally, we also have a full suite of bunkering and marine services that supply and service the world’s busiest shipping route. The local and federal governments have also granted us incentives to attract international investment and promote trade opportunities.
Floating Marine Terminal
Trading of Crude and Petroleum Products
Renewable and Alternative Energy
Digitisation and Blockchain Technology

Deep Sea Port

We provide a wide range of maritime port services, showcasing our capacity to extend operations, create and increase prospects through in-house idea creation, joint venture formation, and franchise acquisition in order to provide our customers with convenience at every contact point.
Ship-to-Ship (STS) Transfer Operations
Bunkering Services
Ship Building and Ship Repair Services
Marine Services
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