Executive Chairman’s Message

Dato’ Dr. Daing A Malek Bin Daing A Rahaman

Executive Chairman

Dear stakeholders,

We are embarking on a transformational journey, evolving from an oil and gas company to a forerunner operating across the entire energy value chain. This strategic decision is completely consistent with our unwavering commitment to driving energy innovation and significantly contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our vision is to pursue sustainable growth within the domain of energy transition, fuelled by a strong commitment to competitiveness and innovation. Moving forward, we will prioritise carbon-neutral solutions while also embracing digitalization. These fundamental pillars not only optimise our operations but also reveal synergies within our group of companies, allowing us to generate more value for our stakeholders.

We recognise our responsibility to conserve our finite resources in the face of rising energy demand. Accepting this responsibility, we are determined to strengthen our position as an integrated and forward-thinking energy partner, not only for Malaysia, but also for the global community.

We adhere to the principles of sustainability in our relentless pursuit of lofty goals. Our core values, which serve as our guiding beacons, prioritise the well-being of people, the environment, and profitability. We remain committed to making significant contributions that have a good social and environmental impact.

Our exceptional team's unwavering dedication and hard work have propelled us to a prominent position in the energy sector. Through collaborative efforts, we will chart new territory, devise innovative solutions, and drive positive industry transformation.

We sincerely thank our valued stakeholders for their unwavering support as we embrace transformation and expansion. Your unwavering trust in our abilities motivates us to push boundaries and strive for excellence.

Maharani Energy Gateway is looking forward to seeing how the future unfolds. We are embarking on this exciting journey together, and we appreciate your participation. Thank you for being a part of this great journey with us.


Dato’ Dr. Daing A Malek Bin Daing A Rahaman

Executive Chairman

Group Structure


Maharani Energy Gateway, led by a team of experienced professionals, focuses on mobilising and delivering the best services available for deep-sea port infrastructure, marine operation services, oil and gas storage, trading of oil & gas and petroleum products, ship-to-ship transfer operations, and bunkering services. The Maharani Energy Gateway team also specialises in oil spill response, contingency planning, site-specific planning, and scenario development for land-based and sea-based incidents.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, request for information or any questions about Maharani Energy Gateway.