Other Supporting Services

MEG takes great pride in offering a full range of maritime support services, showcasing our capacity to develop and extend operations while also creating and improving prospects. We consistently elevate our capabilities and deliver exceptional value to our esteemed clients through a strategic blend of in-house innovation, idea creation, joint-venture partnership formation, and franchise acquisition.
At every interaction and contact point, we are committed to providing maximum convenience and satisfaction to our valued customers. We aim to excel in meeting the diverse needs of the maritime industry by leveraging our extensive expertise and resources, establishing ourselves as a trusted and preferred partner in the sector.


We are planning to establish a distinguished corporate university, to be known as the “Centre of Excellence”, with the primary objective of nurturing high-quality talent for our energy hub. This ambitious initiative will be developed in close collaboration with our valued stakeholders. The key focus of our corporate university will be to impart best practices within the energy sector to its students.

We firmly believe that the foundation of our success lies in the development of our human and social capital. By ensuring access to skilled professionals in the energy and maritime sectors, we aim to bolster our investors’ confidence and expand their prospects. Simultaneously the training offered by our Centre of Excellence will generate new employment opportunities for the local community.

The establishment of our Centre of Excellence, will involve active participation from both local and international entities, notably esteemed local and foreign universities, as well as blockchain specialists, will contribute to this venture. Their expertise and partnership will enrich the learning experience and prepare our students for challenges in the dynamic energy landscape. Beyond its role in training, our Centre of Excellence will also embark on applied research endeavors, particularly in carbon-neutral solutions. We envision our institution making significant strides in sustainable practices and contributing to the global effort in combating climate change.

Overall, the establishment of our corporate university, the Centre of Excellence, represents a strategic investment in human capital, ensuring a competitive edge for our energy hub while fostering positive socio-economic impact within our community and beyond.

Ship Building and Ship Repair Services

Amidst the busy thoroughfare of the Straits of Malacca, which more than 100,000 commercial boats traverse annually. Among these, the possibility of establishing shipbuilding and ship repair (SBSR) facilities stands out. The construction of such facilities has the potential to become an integral part of the entire marine ecosystem along the straits and its surrounding areas.

MEG has meticulously identified a prime location spanning 200 acres, expressly designated for the establishment of shipbuilding, development, maintenance, and repair facilities catering to diverse vessel services, based on our vision and foresight. This well-chosen and strategic location provides enormous benefits, allowing us to effectively meet the demands of the marine sector while increasing our market presence and competitiveness. By setting up our operations in this area, we aim to optimize our services and contribute to the growth and enhancement of the maritime industry in the region.


We at MEG believe that our organisation can play an important role in accelerating the worldwide transition to sustainability. We actively contribute to this critical mission by implementing smart strategies, programmes, and strategic partnerships. Our continuous commitment is to collaborate closely with stakeholders to create advanced, low-carbon alternatives such as hydrogen, wind, biofuel, and solar energy.

Our primary goal remains to promote a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future for all. We are unwavering in our commitment to making a significant positive impact on the world by pooling our collective efforts and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. At its heart is a vision of a greener, more sustainable planet, and we are determined to lead the way on this transformative journey.


Our data centres at MEG are at the cutting edge of technological innovation, incorporating blockchain technology in smart contracts. These developments enable us to overcome the limitations of traditional data centres. We ensure a seamless and transparent flow of information across the network by strategically implementing decentralised transactions, extending the concept of traditional data centres beyond their physical boundaries.

The decentralised nature of these transactions encourages a new era of information sharing and visibility, made possible by a shared and permanent ledger. Because the data remains immutable and unalterable, this novel approach significantly reduces the risks of tampering, fraud, and other illegal activities. Our data centres represent the pinnacle of modern data management, ushering forth a new era of digital transformation. Let us forge ahead together into a future defined by the infinite possibilities of decentralised data management.

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